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They may not be popular anymore. but if you want to buy the best scanner today then you are right. While integrated printers that provide scanning provide home users with a more valuable alternative to standard scanners, stand-alone scanners can be a godsend for businesses that rely on fast and high-quality scanning.

We continue to collect the 11 best scanners, both for personal and commercial use. These devices cover a wide range of use cases and will change the way users handle document management processes. At the same time, our price comparison tool will compare prices from multiple online retailers to ensure you get the best deals when buying a new scanner. This means you can take advantage of Cyber Monday deals.

Best Photo Scanner

NameScoreMore Detail
1. Panasonic KV-S102710/10Check Info
2. Canon CAN 900F Mark II9/10Check Info
3. Epson employees DS-860N10/10Check Info
4. HP Business Jet 76129/10Check Info
5. ADS-1600 W brother9/10Check Info
7. Best desktop: Fujitsu ScSnAPAP IX500 color double-sided scanner8/10Check Info
8. Best Tablet: DoCH Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner9/10Check Info
9. Best Photo: Epson Perfect V800 Photo Scanner9/10Check Info
10. Best Medium Office: Brother Image Center7/10Check Info
11. The most compact: Canon IMAGE formula DR C225W9/10Check Info

Any scanner we collect on this list will ensure you have a reliable high performance device if you want to buy the best office or home scanner in the market.

1. Panasonic KV-S1027

best printer scanner

Panasonic best photo scanner

Document scanners are all about the ability to process large volumes of documents in a trusted, seamless, and intuitive manner, and to integrate information gathered in existing document management systems. You can almost certainly see a paper scanner instead of a flatbed scanner, and there are many models on the market to suit most needs, including in very high-end equipment that can scan A3 paper and perform 30,000 scans a day.

The Panasonic KV-S1027C represents an ideal intermediate position because it is quite affordable, but offers the more expensive models you expect from performance. It scans 45 pages per minute and has a USB 3.0 port that can scan anything from embossed ID cards to passports. Coupled with a 100-page ADF, integrated ISIS/WIA/TWAIN driver and a three-year warranty as standard, you have a very compelling product.

  • Document best scanner
  • Optical scanning resolution: up to 600x 600dpi|scanning speed: up to 45ppm|interface: USB|feeder capacity: 100
  • It is very fast
  • Long-term guarantee
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No card reader

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2. Canon CAN 900F Mark II

best scanner for photos

Canon CAN best photo scanner
If you want a versatile unit to scan high-resolution photos, the flatbed scanner is the only way, and the Canoscan 9000F Mark II marks all the right boxes. It may have been three years old, but like the scanner market, there are not many meaningful innovations in this particular area.

The 9000F provides up to 9600x9600dpi scan resolution for film/slides, and a quarter of the scan resolution for photos and documents, all 48 bits. that handles negatives and film thanks to the built-in adapter. It does not require warm-up time and can scan directly to many cloud-based cartridge services. It may be slightly larger than its competitors (many of which use CMOS instead of CCD), but features like FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) will not only make up for this.

  • Best photo scanner
  • Optical scanning resolution: up to 9600x 9600dpi|scanning speed: up to 8ppm|interface: USB|feeder capacity: N/A
  • Can scan a wide variety of media
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Relatively large
  • Bundle software may be better

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3. Epson employees DS-860N

best home printer scanner

Epson employees best photo scanner
The most important feature in the network scanner is the presence of an Ethernet port. Many high-end document scanners have one by default because they need to serve more than one person. Better models will provide fast scanning speeds with integrated drives, high daily duty cycles, the ability to scan to multiple destinations, and a decent size document paper feeder.

The Epson staff DS-860N offers all this and more – with a five-year warranty as default and the ability to scan oversized folded files (like A3). It can scan up to 65 pages per minute with a resolution of up to 600dpi and a daily work cycle of 6000 sheets. Two other smart features include color enhancement or color exit, which can highlight or remove specific colors from scanned documents.

  • Best network scanner
  • Optical scanning resolution: up to 600x 600dpi|scanning speed: up to 65ppm|interface: Ethernet, USB|feeder capacity: 85
  • Five-year warranty
  • Pseudo a3
  • Bundle software may be better
  • Does not support Mac or Linux

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4. HP Business Jet 7612

best portable scanner

HP Business best photo scanner
SMBs must be flexible, as well as the office equipment they use, which is why the ideal scanner for small businesses is likely to be a combination of scanning, printing and faxing scanners. Purists may not agree, but a unit that can handle all of these basic business functions is usually a better choice than having a dedicated device, especially if you are a single band or a small team.

The HP Officejet 7612 is near this best location: it replicates, scans and faxes, has an Ethernet port, provides Wi-Fi, scans to A3 size (and several destinations), and doesn’t cost the planet. Users will like it to support both Mac and Linux, and it comes with a large touch screen control panel.

  • Small business best scanner
  • Optical scanning resolution: up to 1200x 1200dpi|Scanning speed: up to 10ppm|Interface: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi| Feeder capacity: 35
  • Cheap A3 scanner
  • Bundled printing and faxing
  • No card reader
  • Heavy, occupying a lot of space

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5. ADS-1600 W brother

best bluetooth obd2 scanner

ADS-1600 best photo scanner

Portable scanners are all trade-offs – you exchange the convenience of having a large flat area for movement. The best models will scan on both sides (the ability to scan both sides of the paper), scan more than one page at a time, provide macOS and Windows compatibility and a nice package. Alternatively, they can be battery powered, providing Wi-Fi and scanning to the cloud.

The ADW-1600W from the brother company is well suited for cramming functions – although it is small, the device has an LCD touch screen, a 20-page automatic document feeder (ADF), and can scan 18 pages per minute. It also comes with built-in TWAIN and ISIS drivers, USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity. Surprisingly, it even supports Linux and has a clever slot that allows you to scan plastic IDs.

  • Best portability scanner
  • Optical scanning resolution: up to 600x 600dpi|scanning speed: up to 18ppm|interface: USB, Wi-Fi|feeder capacity: 20
  • Can scan almost anything
  • Touch screen display is a gift from heaven
  • No battery option
  • No card reader

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7. Best desktop: Fujitsu ScSnAPAP IX500 color double-sided scanner

best scanner printer

Fujitsu ScSnAPAP IX500 best photo scanner

The SCANSNAP IX500 is easy to set up and inexpensive. In order not to be confused with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap S1300i, the iX500 is designed to park your car in one place and handle almost anything you need. It scans at 25 pages per minute and can use up to 2000 pages per day. The feed tray can be adjusted to handle documents of various sizes, and quality inspection and correction are automatic.

Automatic paper feed, which handles duplex scanning, is wireless and connects to a Mac or Windows computer via Wi-Fi 80.211b/g/n or USB 3.0 interface. It can even work on your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. It also scans to multiple cloud services. The IX500 comes with its own very popular software and best bluetooth speaker. When scanning in a searchable PDF file, you can easily manage the image.

  • Advanced scanner material texture
  • Excellent style design
  • More scanning categories
  • Storage problem

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8. Best Tablet: DoCH Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner

best obd scanner

DoCH Flip Cordless best photo scanner

Doxie Flip offers something that other desktop document scanners can’t provide – a removable lid. This allows it to scan almost anything, from traditional documents to solid objects such as coins. This is battery powered, so if you want to do business on the road, you can take it with you. It also doesn’t require a computer, although it is compatible with Mac and Windows as well as iPhone and iPad.

It’s neat and unobtrusive, about 10 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and less than 2 inches tall. A transparent window lets you preview your scan. Includes DoCH software.

  • Scanner space design is strong
  • Improved scanning pixels
  • Reduced odor after scanning
  • Special use of items

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9. Best Photo: Epson Perfect V800 Photo Scanner

best desktop scanner

Epson Perfect V800 best photo scanner

If saving photos is your goal, check out the Epson Perfect V800 scanner. It is suitable for photographic printing up to 8x 10 inches and handles slides and film, both positive and negative. It comes with two lenses, so it can handle both. You’ll get 4800 DPI resolution photos and 6400 DPI movies and slideshows.

You can set PerfectV800 to auto to handle the settings for you, or control them yourself to create the effect you want. If you don’t like the finished product, this scanner also provides editing and correction functions. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. A bit expensive, but the Epson Perfect V800 is probably the ideal scanner for professional photographers.

  • Can scan large, medium and small objects
  • Great style design
  • Scanners that are popular with family members
  • Operation requires more user-friendly settings

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10. Best Medium Office: Brother Image Center

best home scanner

Brother Image best photo scanner

Ok, it’s big and might be a good fit for smaller office spaces, but if you have a wide range of scanning needs and plenty of space, the ADS-2800W from Brother’s Image Center is the winner. This is a heavy responsibility and is suitable for a larger labor demand.

The ADS-2800W has a wide range of port and connectivity options, from Wi-Fi to Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity standards. It’s fast – it can handle up to 30 pages with a resolution of 300dpi for a minute – it’s a duplex scanner with two separate elements, so it can easily scan double-sided files.

The automatic document feeder can hold up to 50 pages, and if one of the pages happens to be empty, that’s not a problem. The ADS-8900W will automatically skip it. It scans colors and black and white, so it works for everything from photos to multi-page documents. It’s wireless, allowing you to scan directly to cloud applications. The touch screen displays 3.7 inches monitors. As long as you own it, you can get free technical support.

  • Very convenient to install and use
  • User rated scanner
  • Environmentally friendly materials have no odor
  • Service life is a problem

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11. The most compact: Canon IMAGE formula DR C225W

best 3d scanner

Canon IMAGE best photo scanner

Canon’s imaging formula DR-C225W is about 6 inches deep, making it ideal for smaller workspaces. It’s perfect for your desk, its shape allows you to lean against the wall to save space.

However, the DR-C225W is ideal for its compact size, including duplex scanning, 30 trays, and up to 25 pages per minute, even in duplex mode when scanning color documents. If you only scan single-sided documents, the speed will rise to 50 ppm. The DR-C225W automatically detects paper size and color. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. that has built-in wireless capabilities and even comes with its own software. there allows you to create and edit PDF files. All of this weighs only about six pounds.

  • Amazing scanning speed
  • Superb furniture style
  • Great quality
  • Operation is sometimes troublesome

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