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The best gaming keyboard will make your table stand out

We know that if you already have one of the best consoles, go to the local hypermarket and buy one of the cheapest keyboards – no matter how you use them, it’s tempting, right? Well, after discarding the crazy stack on the best computer you can afford, you don’t use the best gaming keyboard, which is harmful to yourself and the best PC games.

The best gaming keyboard can significantly improve your skills in the best PC games, especially if you have a mechanical keyboard. So, when you go out and buy one of the best gaming keyboards, pay attention to the type of switch it uses. Membrane switches are usually not very good for games, so mechanical switches are the name of the game. Also, you can’t forget RGB lighting – your desk lights up like a Christmas tree.

Best Rgb Keyboard

NameScoreMore Detail
1. Razer Hunter Elite10/10Check Info
2. ROCCAT 100 Aimo9/10Check Info
3. Logitech G51310/10Check Info
4. Cooler master chip MS1209/10Check Info
5. CORSAIR K63 wireless9/10Check Info
6. HyperX Alloy elite8/10Check Info
7. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum9/10Check Info
8. Razer CyOSA Chroma9/10Check Info
9. Corsair K68 RGB8/10Check Info
10. Steel series apex M7509/10Check Info

This brings us the best gaming keyboard. Even if you can only spend a few dollars, you can find a game keyboard that will put you on the list. Especially now Cyber ​​Monday is here. So let’s dive into all the best gaming keyboards you can buy today, all of which we have tested and reviewed here.

From laptops and gaming PCs to Xbox One X, there will be plenty of Black Friday game deals. So, in order to stay ahead and make sure you only have the best gaming keyboard, you should pay attention to all your favorite online retailers like Amazon and New Egg. And, as always, stay tuned to TECHAWORLDCOMPUTER to meet your holiday shopping needs.

1. Razer Hunter Elite

best gaming keyboard

Razer Hunter Elite best rgb keyboard
With the Huntsman Elite, Razer’s optomechanical switches have taken speed to a whole new level. It sounds like a big mouth.but Razer has managed to use mechanical switches and integrated optical sensors which allows the Huntsman elite to take the drive to another level – you can’t find a faster keyboard.

But with the switch turned on.typing is great and it’s covered with more RGB illumination than the joystick. Of course, it requires two USB cables to power it and it’s effortless and costly – but technology like this is definitely worth it.

  • Light it up
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Fast key drive
  • Tactile button switch
  • expensive

Check Price

2. ROCCAT 100 Aimo

best budget gaming keyboard

ROCCAT 100 best rgb keyboard
The keyboard keeps giving up the cherry MX switches and instead chooses custom ones, and it seems that they won’t stop very quickly—especially if Roccat Vulcan 100Aimo has any instructions. This keyboard not only provides the tactile feedback switch that the player needs.

but also makes typing very comfortable and does not wake the entire community with cartridge. When you join the mouth-watering beauty of this gaming keyboard, there is no doubt that this is one of the best gaming keyboards  can offer.

  • Sci-fi keyboard
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • feels good
  • Gorgeous lighting
  • expensive

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3.Logitech G513

cheap gaming keyboard

Logitech G513 best rgb keyboard
One of the biggest problems with the Cherry MX Red Key is that although they are great for games.they are not suitable for entering anything other than your steam certificate.

The Logitech G513 and its Romer-G linear switch were grabbed from here. With its brushed metal finishes, miraculously, almost immune fingerprints. all add up to being one of the best gaming keyboards on the market.

  • Silent game
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Advanced button switch
  • Brilliant RGB lighting
  • No dedicated media key

Check Price

4. Cooler master chip MS120

best mechanical keyboard for gaming

Cooler master best rgb keyboard
The cooler master set MS120 is sold as a keyboard and mouse keyboard, although the mouse is not completely great, the keyboard steals the spotlight. Sitting on less than a hundred dollars, the keyboard here is put together with other more expensive “mechanical” keyboards.

The switches here provide a lot of tactile feedback and deeper spread of the more traditional mechanical keyboard, and won’t keep your entire house awake, but when you’re in the intense late night surveillance game you’re desperately hitting it. The Cooler Master Set MS120 is indeed one of the best gaming keyboards under 100.

  • Complete packaging
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: no
  • Compact design
  • Lighting lighting
  • Including the mouse is mediocre

Check Price

5. CORSAIR K63 wireless

best wireless gaming keyboard

CORSAIR K63 best rgb keyboard
In the past few years, we have seen a lot of wireless gaming mice, but not many wireless gaming keyboards. Until now. The pirate K63 wireless keyboard takes what makes the wired version of the K63 and transfers it to the wireless version – without sacrificing a lot.

With a compact cherry MX red switch, full RGB lighting and convenient media control, the K63 Wireless shows us what wireless keyboards are capable.

  • Wireless PC game
  • Interface: Wireless keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Perfect sofa game
  • Full Function
  • Soft folder

Check Price

6. HyperX Alloy elite

best mechanical gaming keyboard

HyperX Alloy elite best rgb keyboard
Following Kingston’s first super-X gaming keyboard, the Super X Alloy FPS, Super X Alloy Elite adjusted the company’s first winning keyboard to provide only a few subtle changes.

You only need 10 more than its predecessor, and you can get a media key, a light bar, or even a palm rest, all of which scanner didn’t exist before. They are also a series of enjoyable hospitality, forming a value proposition that cannot be ignored.

  • Cherry MX Power Circus
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: no
  • Reasonable price and full function
  • Handheld media key
  • Thick cable
  • No macro programming

Check Price

7. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

corsair gaming keyboard

Corsair K95 best rgb keyboard
Like the pirate K70 shot that appeared before, the K95 RGB Platinum is a mechanical keyboard that puts the game on top of everything. Shake 8MB of dedicated memory to store different configuration files.

This keyboard certainly has the versatility to do the job, no matter what it is. It features beautiful architecture, as well as military-grade aluminum finishes that complement the pirate’s magical RGB lighting perfectly.

  • This mechanical animal has the speed of cheetah
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Hypnotic disco lighting
  • First-class aluminum construction
  • Clumsy software
  • Rubber palm rests quickly

Check Price

8. Razer CyOSA Chroma

razer gaming keyboard

Razer CyOSA best rgb keyboard
If you’re new to PC gaming and you want a high-performance keyboard without the high-priced tags that come with many mechanical keyboards. the Razer Cynosa Chroma may be right for you. It may not have the tactile click rate of the high-end board.

but the hybrid grid switch performance is good enough, with a 1ms polling rate and a 10-key flip. Not to mention the sick RGB lighting.

  • Keyboard you can get wet
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Affordable
  • Low profile construction
  • Membrane switch

Check Price

9. Corsair K68 RGB

best cheap gaming keyboard

Corsair K6 best rgb keyboard
Accidents happen – this is just a fact of life, especially when you are playing a game. Fortunately, for the best gaming keyboards, it’s becoming more and more common to be able to handle anything you can throw at them, even “Lushan.”

The Pirate K68 RGB features a fantastic keyboard design and a cherry MX switch to make it waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about sudden soda showers in crazy game sessions and bluetooth speaker. Moreover, its soft, stylish design and reasonable price tag make it easy to recommend the pirate K68 RGB.

  • Snack game keyboard
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Water resistance
  • Soft style
  • Rest under the wrist

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10. Steel series apex M750

small gaming keyboard

Steel series best rgb keyboard
If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard and you don’t plan to do many other things, then the SteelSeries Apex M750 is a good choice. It has amazing software customization and gorgeous RGB lighting.

It also has a good touch and feels very sturdy and durable. The only downside is that the keyboard sound is too loud and uncomfortable for efficient work.

  • Great for playing games
  • Interface: wired keyboard backlight: Yes, programmable buttons: Yes
  • Dazzling lighting
  • Rugged building
  • Extremely loud

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